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We are pretty darn awesome at what we do. Also, that is providing affordable local tree service, tree removal in Washington DC, Maryland& Virginia area. We are so glad you stumbled across us as we are a company that provides the most professional and affordable tree services around! Importantly we will send out a certified arborist to give an accurate assessment and low-cost option for any of your tree needs – for free! We specialize in DC, MD and VA tree removal, tree trimming &tree cutting service, tree pruning service, stump removal & grinding and much more!


  • We charge the lowest prices and retain exceptional quality for DC & Maryland tree removal – we can afford to keep our prices the most moderate in the DC & Maryland area due to the volume of work we do for happy repeat and new customers.
  • We have in-house most experienced workers, who are ready to be on the scene quickly. No new crew member steps on the job site unless the original owners have personally trained every hired employee
  • We take pride in our work – the owners have grown up in the DC & Maryland area respectively, and genuinely care about the work they put back into the community. We understand that people can be on a tight budget and don’t have money set aside for emergency tree-related services, so we do our best to accommodate client budgets.


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We specialize in DC, MD and VA tree removal, tree trimming &tree cutting service, tree pruning service, stump removal & grinding and much more!

Our Services

Tree Removal

We don’t only work under emergency conditions – although we are very good at that.

Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

Looking for a tree stump removal companies near you?

Tree Trimming & Cutting

Looking for cheap tree cutting and trimming service in Washington DC & Maryland?


Tree pruning services are indeed very similar to pruning

Dead Tree Branch Removal

Ever had a tree shed its dead branches in the most inconvenient places?

Emergency Tree Removal Services

For a Washington DC area emergency call us 24 hours a day at (202) 886-6500

Our Work

We pride ourselves for the excellence tree removal and cutting services we provide to our esteemed customers. That’s why we’re the best tree service company in DC area. 


  1. After a massive storm, one of the trees on our property shed a massive branch right onto driveway. It narrowly missed crushing our car. We were frantic about what to do as it was too big to move by ourselves and even if we did we had no way of getting rid of it. Thank goodness we called DC Tree Removal Services company. Their representative came promptly and did a free assessment. We were floored by the low cost quote. The branch was gone before we knew it! 

The tree stump on our front lawn was an eyesore that sat there for years. One day, i decided to get rid of it. A friend recommended DC Tree Removal Services company and I couldn’t be happier. They came in with machinery that quickly extracted and ground the stump to nothing. The grass grew back over where the stump was and it’s as if was never there! 


We bought a property with several trees that we weren’t crazy about. We were looking for the cheapest way to get rid of all of them. DC Tree Removal Services company did not disappoint. They were professional, quick, and did an awesome job. Thank you! 


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